just because


Knitting has enriched my life in countless ways, not least by giving my mind and hands something beautiful and useful to do when the world outside my door is spinning too fast.

All of my patterns are 25% off thru March 31 here at DCD and on Ravelry, no coupon needed. I hope that this helps our craft community, in some small way, share a moment of peace in an anxiety-filled time.

Let’s be kind to one another and ourselves in thought and deed right now.  I’m personally grateful to have these 2 little souls to focus on and laugh with!

Sending love and calm to you, friends!

xoxo Danielle

8 thoughts on “just because”

  1. I hear you Danielle. It seems our world has spun out of control overnight. I just had to tell you I love the photo you shared on this post. It’s adorable! You take care too, and I wish you and yours all the very best. ❤❤

  2. Danielle,   YOUR KIND MESSAGE IN THIS “STRANGE” TIME OF OUR LIFE CYCLE is much appreciated.   The picture of your two little “rug rats” says it all.  Keep the family healthy,   Cousin Peter

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