to a Tee

Excuse me, but where did July go?? Is anyone else having Summer whiplash?

Between work and some Ye Olde Secret Knitting that can not yet be revealed (patience, patience…) another two weeks have whizzed by. I love those quiet Saturday mornings when you can sit back with a cup of coffee, relax, and realize that you’ve completely neglected your blog!

Never fear, however. I do have something fun to show you: my finally finished Nyanen Tee!


This is a fantastic pattern from Quince and Co. It’s a simple but elegant design by the talented Cecily Glowik MacDonald with a biasing lace pattern that gives the fabric movement and makes for a quintessentially classic summer garment that’s easy to dress up or down. I picked white jeans and a nude camisole for this outfit. A cute pair of embellished flats and you’re ready for any summer party! (And look at how tan I am! HA.)


I knit Nyanen in Quince’s own Sparrow Linen Yarn, which is spun from organically grown linen in Belgium. The linen can be a little stiff on your hands as you work with it, but after just one washing, the yarn blooms into softness, the drape is incredible, and the feel is cool and lightweight. I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern (nor were any necessary), and I actually used the suggested needle (US 3) too. I was surprised to get gauge without having to upsize on my needle, but the open nature of the lace allows for some stitch gauge forgiveness. I knit this in the original undyed colorway that Quince and Co. offered, but there are several beautiful and natural color choices available now in the Sparrow Linen.

Here’s a closeup of the fabric and lace patterning:


I can’t wait to wear it again; I foresee it being a summer wardrobe staple.

So what’s on tap for today? More secret knitting! Luckily, I have two solid weeks of nonstop Summer Olympics television and internet coverage to keep me entertained! Let’s go USA, and happy weekend! 🙂