Coco, Home, The Neighborhood

a new view


Hello! I’m not usually this silent for this long on Ye Olde Blog, but I’ve got a good excuse. We were moving!

Yep, we’ve given up our city ways for a cozy house in a small(er) town, Sea Cliff, on the Northern shore of Long Island. We spent the last week moving, unpacking, and generally just readjusting to the quieter rhythms of suburban living.

As you can see from the picture above (taken a few days ago), Coco is especially intrigued by, and VERY curious about, this sea change in her life. I caught her spying on the neighbors from one of her new favorite spots, with her nose pressed right up against the glass in my home office. In recent days, she has also discovered the delights of (a) patrolling the traffic as it passes by; and (b) barking at every single dog and postal carrier that wanders into view. And when she’s not working the neighborhood patrol, she’s happily ensconced on a pile of blankets next to the glass. My sweet little buddy.

So that’s the excitement around these parts! I’m looking forward to our new routine and getting back into the swing of things, including back into the swing of knitting up all these ideas swirling around in my brain, just waiting for the right moment to be jotted down on the back of an envelope. Onward and upward!

PS: And just in case you thought I was kidding about Coco’s new favorite perch, here’s another photo from today. Same spot, different angle. (Hey, it is a two-way street out there, you know!)