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cookie jar, take two

Remember those Biscotti Bites I told you about last time? Well, it didn’t take us long to gobble up the first batch and make up the second batch with a delicious spin…..


Behold the lime-and-white-chocolate variation! They are so so so so so so so delicious, it should be illegal.



Before I had even baked this batch, I had already noticed how much “sunnier” this version was. By that, I mean that this flavor combination is lighter and brighter and generally more suited for a summer dessert (not to mention sweeter than the darker version).

As you can see, the white chocolate doesn’t interrupt the yellow-tinged batter the way the dark chocolate did in the original combination. Not that that’s a bad thing – don’t get me wrong. I covet chocolate in all of its forms. And yes, I dipped their bottoms in white chocolate, too 😉


Similarly, the lime flavor is less dominant than the orange flavor was. Again – not a bad thing – but an altogether wonderful substitution.

Just look at that texture……


The fact that both of these flavor combos work so well tells me that this is just a GREAT cookie recipe that’s versatile enough to hold up to many more creative substitutions. So if I didn’t convince you last time to try them, I hope I have now!
xoxo Danielle