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keep it going

Just a quick update to say:

(1) Hello!  We are all doing well in our home and I hope that you are, too.

(2) I decided to donate all of my March sales to a grassroots effort (founded by moms, of course!) that delivers meals made by struggling local restaurants to critical care nurses in area hospitals. I sincerely thank each and every one of you that supported my small business last month so that I could pay it forward.

(3) In that spirit, all of my patterns will continue to be 25% off throughout April here at DCD and on Ravelry, no coupon needed. We are truly in the thick of this experience right now, especially those of us living in the metro NYC area, and I hope that working with your hands can bring you some peace, even if your head and/or your heart are not quiet.

At the moment, I’m rather drawn to my Shipshape shawl pattern and the promise of sunshine and happy days that it holds.


Let’s be kind to one another and ourselves in thought and deed right now.  Sending strength to you!

xoxo Danielle

5 thoughts on “keep it going”

  1. Your kindness will be appreciated by all! So glad you are all keeping safe and healthy. Love you all.

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