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full heart pullover for kids

With the holiday weekend nearly upon us, let’s celebrate with a new pattern: my Full Heart Pullover for Kids is out today!


You might be thinking – a kid’s long-sleeve pullover now? At the beginning of Summer? Yes! Knitting for kids is perfect in the Summer – the projects are small, quick, and portable. And when the colder weather does arrive, you and your little ones will be ready (and maybe even ahead on your gift knitting list for the holidays!)


I designed this sweater for Jackson’s 6th birthday back in December, when I first shared it. Since then, I’ve written the pattern for six different sizes ranging all the way from 6 months up to 10 years. I’ve also had the pleasure of having the design tested by talented knitters around the world, from Australia to Palestine, to ensure that the pattern is error-free and fits just right for the special kiddos in your life.


The name, Full Heart, was inspired by the heart-shaped ribbed cables that feature on the front and back of the pullover. (They might also look familiar to you from my Full Heart Hat that I released back in February.) The name was also a nod to my son, who wears his very big heart on his proverbial sleeve, and the love I feel for him! I enjoyed filling out the cable panel with some complimentary antler cables that echo the same contours as the center cable. The panel also includes some twisted columns to add that extra bit of special texture.


The pullover includes enough positive ease for growing room and to fit a layer underneath.  The comfortable modified drop shoulder shaping in the armholes also ensures that there’s plenty of room to move and play! The body is knit in the round from the bottom up to the armholes. The front and back are each knit flat and then seamed at the shoulders. Stitches are picked up around each armhole to work the sleeves in the round down to the cuff.  The cuffs and neckband feature professional (and optional) tubular edges.  And please feel free to add a bit of extra length to the sleeves and body for growth spurts; I decided to redo the cuff of Jackson’s sleeves and add a bit of extra length because he had a growth spurt just a month or two after his birthday! By knitting the sleeves from the top down, I love how I can customize this sweater for him, not only to maximize his comfort, but also to extend its wearability until next winter (and perhaps beyond if his sister claims it…)


As you can see, the texture of the cables shows up best in a solid or mostly-solid colorway. I used the 100% merino wool Gilliatt from De Rerum Natura in France. It’s a smooth, round, worsted-weight yarn that really makes cables sing. I love how generous the put-up of the yarn is, as each ball includes 100 grams and 270 yards! The palette of color choices is elegant and varied; I chose their “Plume” colorway to complement Jackson’s blue eyes and auburn hair.



I hope you can feel the love in this design, and I hope it inspires you to spread a little more knitting love. You can purchase the pattern here on Ravelry or here at DCD. And if you use the coupon code “heart” thru midnight EDT on May 31st, you’ll get 25% off!

Happy knitting!

xoxo Danielle

6 thoughts on “full heart pullover for kids”

    1. Thank you for your kind words!! It’s always a gratifying feeling when the design you envision works out in real life, too! And I recommend this yarn so highly!

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