one year old

The first year of Jackson’s life went by quickly.  By comparison, the first year of Nina’s life went by at quadruple warp speed.  It almost seems impossible that June 25th is here again, but it is and it’s time to celebrate our little girl!


Nina is a delight in every sense of the word.  She spreads light and laughter wherever she goes.


She bubbles over with curiosity but make no mistake: she is also brimming with mischief (especially when she crawls for the staircase saying “no no no!” with that glint in her eye).


She loves to eat, she loves to play, and she loves to sleep.  Most of all, she loves her big brother.  We could not be more grateful for them both.




Happy birthday, my sweet love!  And happy Summer, everyone!

xoxo, Danielle

5 thoughts on “one year old”

  1. She is absolutely precious in every way. Adorable!! Love the photos. They have both grown a lot since I saw them last. Very beautiful children you have.

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