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Hello!  I’m back from the annual TNNA Summer show!


The show (and my trip) was a fun, but hectic, whirlwind; so much so that I failed to take any pictures on the show floor apart from the couple of quick pics that I snapped of the booth, oops!



(Boy, these booth pictures look grey.  But I’ve done several trade shows in the past and, believe me, the lighting was much better in person at this show.)

I had a simple, uncluttered booth on the show floor on Saturday morning where I was able to meet up with yarn companies and publishers, other designers, sample knitters, etc.  Luckily, my sister accompanied me and made sure that everything was displayed perfectly.  It was a great business opportunity for an independent designer who isn’t associated with any wholesale or retail members of TNNA to promote themselves.  Especially because we are not associated with any larger companies, the primary benefit of attending these shows (in my opinion) is the in-person meetings, the serendipitous meet-ups that lead to future collaborations.  I hope that these types of booths are offered again in the future and that more designers take advantage of them.

Although I failed to take any yarn/knitting/craft photos, I did get some nice snaps of our immediate surroundings as we dined and wandered around Cleveland on Friday night.  The early Summer weather was perfect and Cleveland is a real treat.  If you’re even considering visiting the city, do it!  The architecture is beautiful, the food is good and varied, the walking is easy, and the people are kind and generous.  And there is a lot to do, whether you like sports or museums or kid-centric offerings.  Below are some of my favorite pics.


And because every time we left the hotel it seemed that we saw a bunny upon our return, here’s a shot of one particularly handsome fella.  He was, however, decidedly ambivalent about our presence.


I’m very glad that I made the trip and look forward to the future designs that are inspired by it.  At the same time, I am so glad that Summer has well and truly arrived and I’m equally looking forward to some easy outdoor living with the kids.  I hope you have a warm and happy season, wherever you are!

xoxo, Danielle


2 thoughts on “TNNA”

  1. Great photos Danielle. Glad you had such a nice time and the opportunity to put yourself forward and get your name and style out there for more to see and learn about. I hope great things come to you from this trip in future. Hope you all have a wonderful Summer!

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