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bee stitch cardigan

It may still feel like Summer and look like Summer outside (and the calendar technically says it’s still Summer), but intrepid knitters are already on the lookout for their Autumn knitting projects. That’s where the Autumn issue of Interweave Knits comes in, and I was thrilled to have my Bee Stitch Cardigan included in its pages!

I can still clearly recall my inspiration for this one: a cozy, simple sweater that’s big on texture. At first glance, the Bee Stitch Cardigan might not appear especially textured, but wait until you get closer:

The sleeves are worked in a traditional, close-fitting rib to give a more modern fit to the sweater, while the body is worked in bee stitch (hence the name of the cardigan…) Bee stitch is a type of brioche knitting, in which you knit into the row below on the right side of the work to create a dense, lushly textured fabric.

For ease of knitting and comfort in wearing, the cardigan is knit in one piece from the top down and features raglan shaping and buttonholes worked into the body. There is no waist shaping, so the body of the cardigan is sized to easily allow you to wear your favorite shirt underneath as shown in the pictures here. (And the traditional crew neck shaping also helps show off that shirt, too). The body is edged in I-cord for additional texture, and I even created a faux sort of “seam” on the sides of the body as a fun detail.

The sample shown in these pictures was knit with Swans Island Organic Washable DK yarn, which I can not rave about enough. This is a FABULOUS yarn, and you will not regret choosing it for any project! It’s a 100% merino yarn made using an Eco-wash process, which renders it washable in a gentle fashion. It feels like butter as you knit with it, and the resulting fabric is both lofty and cushy at the same time. (Just FYI: this particular cardigan requires more yarn than usual, as the brioche-style knitting and ribbed sleeves consume more yarn than standard knit/purl textures.) The color depicted here is a lovely green-blue-teal appropriately named “verdigris.” I could, however, easily see this cardigan knit up in a timeless camel or off-white colorway to become a three-season wardrobe staple.

I hope you enjoy this latest design! It’s always a privilege and a pleasure to work with the folks at Interweave, and this time was no exception. If you’re picking up this latest issue, I’d also highly recommend Ashley Rao’s Ropemaker Pullover (a gorgeous study in cables and pockets) and Ramona Gaynor’s colorful Redfern Cardigan, shown on this issue’s cover!

Happy Autumn Knitting!
xoxo Danielle

PS: All images appear courtesy of, and with thanks to, Interweave Knits.
PPS: Did I mention that, of course, I found five buttons that matched this yarn perfectly at Tender Buttons in NYC? As usual, they’re the best!

2 thoughts on “bee stitch cardigan”

  1. Clean, clearly defined, elegantly textured, and wonderfully stylish, for casual or dress. I love the way your mind works when it comes to designing knitware. You never disappoint Danielle. Congratulations on another beautiful success.

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