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hydrangea watch, 6.27.13

Before the 20 minutes of torrential rain that pummeled the neighborhood today, we had even happier and brighter blue blooms:







But after the storm? Yikes:



Let’s hope for an overnight recovery!

5 thoughts on “hydrangea watch, 6.27.13”

  1. That must have been SOME rain…WOWZA…!!!! Don’t worry though…unless the stems are actually broken, your beautiful flowers will come back to life! I can’t get over how plentiful the blossoms are! Also, the NG impatiens in the pots are looking great…thank you for the picture updates…!!

  2. My goodness, they are SO BLUE!! Absolutely gorgeous. I do hope the rain did no permanent damage to them. They are so pretty! Here’s hoping they are standing tall again soon. I’ve had corn knocked down like that, from heavy rain storms, and they stood right back up the next day. So there is a good chance your Hydrangea will do the same. 🙂

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