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hittin’ the road

Well folks, it’s that time again – our annual summer road trip where we hit the road to join my family for the perfect birthday – national holiday – warm weather vacation. I can’t wait for it to start! So naturally, my mind turns to packing and what is obviously my top packing priority??

The knitting, of course.

So while Coco rests up for “summer camp,” her favorite time of the year:


I got busy packing up my to-do knitting. First up is another Shipshape sample, this time in the smaller shawlette design that I will be including in the pattern release (it’s in the works! Promise!). Remember I showed you the gray/pink color combo of Madelinetosh Pashmina last week? Check it out! It.Is.To.Die.For.


Seriously, I get giddy every time I look at the way this is knitting up. That “neon rose” colorway is so bright, it’s nearly impossible to photograph true to life. I think you get the gist though.

Moving in a totally different direction, I’m packing up a new linen project. I got a yen to knit with some linen now that summer’s heat is officially in full force. I love how linen feels as you work with it. What starts as cool and firm and even a bit stiff can soften up in your hands just as you hold it and knit with it. When I saw that Quince and Co. had come out with new colors for their “Sparrow” linen yarn, I jumped at the chance to work with the new “Butternut” colorway. The color immediately reminded me of the word “flaxen” and I got plenty of skeins to make something sizeable:



I played around with several different swatch ideas before realizing that (a) my original swatch is what I liked best (isn’t that always the way?!?!) and (b) it’s now time for a new linen table runner for me. I can’t exactly explain that last part, but such are the mysteries of knitting. I do love the way the organic, slightly rough look/texture of the yarn plays against the smooth shine of my deeply brown dining table (when it’s polished, that is, ahem), so I’ll share more pics as there’s more knitting to see. The final knitting will be a bigger interpretation of the test swatch as you can see. Andrew rightly pointed out that that swatch reminded him of a bridge or bridges, kind of suspension-like, so that could be a promising start in the naming department….

And finally, staying with the linen theme, I’m excited to finish my Quince and Co. Nyanen Tee. (That one is already snugly packed.)


I’m nearly done with the body and the finishing is elegant and simple, so it should go pretty quickly. This will be the perfect summer top and summer is already too fleeting.

You may have noticed that the three projects have something in common, and you’d be right. They’re all packed for traveling in Michele’s fabulous project bags from her Etsy studio, Three Bags Full. Her bags are perfect for craft projects and a host of other uses. Check them out.

Best of all, I get to tote all three projects in this awesome larger bag that my mom made for me this year:



Made using two gorgeous fabrics with a Francophile theme (bien sur!), this is a cool bag that can either have one strap or two, depending on whether or not you zip them up. My favorite part?


The wee zipper pull de la Tour Eiffel! So cute!

With that, I’m saying Adieu! for a week and a bit. Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday, Dad! Et Bonnes Vacances! šŸ˜‰

PS: Ooh, wait! Before I go! Want a sneak peek photo from the Shipshape shawl photoshoot that we did last weekend? Here you go!

4 thoughts on “hittin’ the road”

  1. BBBEANS…HURRY UP…GRAMMA’S WAITING…:))) I LOVE the shawl…!!!!! It is absolutely spectacular, and you know…with stripes…how can anything be BAD…?!?!? Can’t wait to see you all…XO

    1. I love hearing about your family! We have known your mom & dad for about 30 years. Your mom is very talented in ways I didn’t know. Have a great holiday!Patti Ruppert.

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