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sailing into the weekend

It’s been a scorcher here in NYC this past week, and with a wave of strong thunderstorms blowing through yesterday, we’re looking forward to a cooler, drier weekend with plenty of sun.

Not only are those weather conditions ideal for us beach-goers, but they’re ideal conditions for drying handknits! Behold, a new shawl design!


(Excuse the quicky cell phone photo.) This is the finished sample that I was knitting when I shared that little sneak peek a few weeks ago. It’s a combination of pretty much all of my favorite knitting things:

–garter stitch
Madelinetosh Pashmina in cool, creamy “Bare” and deep, royal “Fathom”
–lots of straight lines and angles
–bigger needles

Let’s zoom in to get a texture close-up, shall we?


As you can see, this design has an attached i-cord edging that gives the edges that perfectly polished detail. Working an attached i-cord edging is super simple and once you learn the technique, you’ll be itching to trim everything with it! Blankets, sweater hems and necklines, etc. etc….And as you can see, I chose to edge the sample in the main color, the “bare” creamy color, because I wanted the edging to be a subtle detail. If you want the edging to stand out, then by all means trim that shawl in the sapphire beauty of the contrasting color!

And for an even better shot of that never-gets-old combination of royal blue and cream:


mmmmmmmm, that combination just says “summer” to me – all fresh and nautical and classic.

I’m thinking that this design will be christened “Shipshape” – isn’t that a cute name? I feel as though I should smash a bottle of champagne in honor of her christening, but let’s not get carried away – after all, she doesn’t even have a hull…..

This design is currently in the testing phase with two awesome women, Jan and Carrie, and so once we’ve squared away all the math and testing, it’ll be ready for release! (Maybe even in time for the 4th of July! Perfect vacation knitting!) I’m planning on knitting another sample, since the pattern will have two sizes for a shawlette and shawl. The picture you see above is of the larger size. I think that I’ll be knitting the shawlette up in a much less traditional color pairing, but no less appealing. Check it out:


Yep, more Madelinetosh Pashmina, but this time in the fun combination of the classic grey “tern” and the almost-too-bright-to-photograph “neon rose.” I can’t wait to start knitting. 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “sailing into the weekend”

  1. Ahoy, Matey…oh, groan…:))))))…!!! What is any more nautical than blue and white…??! I also love the angular lines and will be very interested to see what it looks like with the square neckline, when it is being worn…!! GREAT job…!!!

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