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it takes two…

Remember those photos I shared with you of my new Avian Shawl design a couple of weeks back? That intensely sapphire, slightly cabled triangle that we photographed in stormy Rhode Island?

Well, it’s time to meet her rectangular, even-more-cabled sister!


(Yes, this is a slightly blurry photo taken in a bit of a rush on a cloudy day with a camera phone. It happens.)

One of my testers extraordinaire, Fran, knit this luscious rectangular stole sample as the 2nd part of the Avian pattern release – it’s a twofer!

Fran knit this up lightning fast from approximately 1,000 yards of a fingering weight 100% Shetland wool yarn in a soothing, creamy shade. Get this – it measures 14.5″ by 83″! Definitely big enough and elegant enough to cover your shoulders at any time of year, or even better (and more likely in my case), to pile all around your neck in an off-center fashion as you run out the door.

What I love about it is that it is so reminiscent of traditional Aran sweaters – the color and the cabling. And yet it’s knit with a thin yarn and with lots of lace, to keep it lightweight and floaty and the perfect classic/contemporary accessory that will never go out of style. Like Ralph Lauren, only handmade. Ha!

Anyway, in my bid to rectify the poor photo situation above, I’ll be getting some decent modeling shots of this sample sometime in the near future, and then after that, finally Avian gets released! Look for that sometime next week, I think!

That’s all for now – hope everyone has a great weekend and gets out there to enjoy the pre-summer season! I know one little girl who’s already in hog heaven:


Let’s just say that “park” is one of her new favorite words. Ciao ciao!

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