My last bit of traveling for the time being was a quick round trip to Philadelphia this past weekend. Not only did I get to celebrate my nephew’s 4th birthday and also meet my brand new niece (two stellar reasons all by themselves to go to Philly), but I also got to go by train! My favorite!

The weather was incredible in the NYC/Philly area this weekend – endless sunshine, light breezes, and almost no humidity. It really made for some great photo ops on the ride down on Friday night. Look how good New Jersey looks in this gold-tinged light!



The highlight of the traveling itself, though, had to be the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. Just exactly the grand old type of soaring, uplifting public building that you’d hope to see in a city that’s chock full of history itself. (I particularly love all of the old clocks and signage.)




I hope there’s lots more trips like this one in my future! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

PS: Knitting is so much easier on the train….maybe that’s why I love it so much.

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