taste of the season

As we gear up to finally enjoy some sunny weather (for a change!) in this neck of the woods, I decided to head into the kitchen for a quick jam-making session. Seven massive stalks of rhubarb and one hour later, these pinkly blushing beauties were cooling on the counter:

Rhubarb jam

Swirled into thick greek yogurt, dolloped onto vanilla ice cream, or spread over your breakfast toast – you can’t beat tartly sweet homemade rhubarb jam.

Happy weekend, everyone!

PS: I’ve got some interesting photos to share from a trip to the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY last weekend. Soon, I promise, soon!

4 thoughts on “taste of the season”

  1. That jam LOOKS amazing, but I can’t stand rhubarb, and I have it growing and going to waste year after year. My late husband loved it, so I grew it for him. Oh well, to each his own. But it sure looks tasty. 🙂

  2. Your jars of rhubarb jam are lovely – and my mouth is watering in anticipation of the flavour ! I have a friend who lives in Rochester, NY and was telling me about the Lilac Festival and a “herd” of Dachsunds she was watching… so I am eager to see your photos of same.

    1. Melissa, it’s so funny you mention that – I think my mom and I saw a “herd” of dachsunds while we were there – I think there were 4 of them all together? They looked pretty cute 😉

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