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ho hum…..

You know how some weeks are just quieter than others? This was one of those weeks for me. I did have a wretched cold over the holiday weekend (can you say, “terrible timing?”) so that slowed me down to a full stop for a few days. Having a runny nose in 90 degree weather is even grosser than usual, I can tell you that! I tried to knit, but then I’d pick up a project and forget how to even make a knit stitch, so I’d set it down and go back to sleep. Better not to knit at all than to knit and have to rip back 2 inches of mistakes šŸ™‚

On the mend and back in the swing of things, it was just a week of regular things – working on my Hideaway socks more, swatching several ideas for a crochet pattern collection submission, work, the usual dance and Pilates classes (I go to Spencer Pilates Arts in Forest Hills for my Pilates classes and I loooove it – it’s low impact but high intensity, and each class goes by so quickly because of the amount of focus needed to perform the exercises correctly. Plus, you can feel the change in your balance/strength/flexibility so quickly – it’s addictive!) So since it was such a quiet week, I’ve only got a couple of pictures to share.

First up – the latest progress on the 2nd Hideaway Sock. We’ve turned the heel, folks! (Forgive the “photo’ed on my desk at night with bad lighting” quality.)

I’ve got 3 great testers working on various sizes of the pattern over on Ravelry and they’re each churning through the knitting, so I’m excited to have this pattern ready for release soon. It’s been such a good experience with this one – all of my testers have had great feedback and useful suggestions. It’s also been gratifying to know that they’ve each enjoyed the actual process of knitting the design, too. Hopefully, I’ll work with them again šŸ™‚ In the meantime, my mind has already started to wander to another design idea – maybe a lightweight summer stole with Handmaiden’s Sea Silk yarn? I’m so easily distracted…..

And since we can never have a week go by without a status check from our official MWD mascot, here’s a recent picture of Coco the Crazy, awash in her own horde of toys. She does make a mommy proud.

I’ve got Pilates class and my nephew’s circus-themed birthday party to get to today, so less typing and more doing! Happy Saturday šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “ho hum…..”

  1. Have a happy and FUN weekend, now that you are feeling better…! I feel so sorry for Coco, being “toy-deprived” as she is…haha…I could eat her up :)!!

  2. Sorry to hear you were “under the weather,” but glad you are recovering.

    The sock is coming along nicely. The pair I’ve been working on has stalled some, for the time being anyway. Other things I need to do first, taking up my time right now.

    Coco always looks great! A real cutie pie! šŸ™‚

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