post road pullover

Hello! I’m thrilled that my latest design, the Post Road Pullover, is now available!

The Post Road Pullover is the quintessential wardrobe staple: a subtle, polished sweater that exudes comfort without sacrificing style.

This is a size-inclusive design that suits both women and men (with 11 sizes ranging from 30″ – 70″), which was a key feature for me. I actually had a couple female test knitters knit this sweater for their male partners! The garment has a modern fit, but also includes enough positive ease to fit a layer underneath. I’m wearing the second size here with about 2″ of positive ease, enough room for a light layer while still providing a nice, flattering fit.

The body and sleeves feature a waffle-like texture while simple cables adorn the sleeves and the sides of the body to lengthen the silhouette.

The raglan lines are another focal point that enhance the quiet beauty of the sweater.

As I note in the pattern, the abundant texture of this design shows up best with a solid or semi-solid colorway. The pattern calls for a DK-weight yarn, but I actually used a very special worsted weight yarn for the sample you see in these pictures. I used the cloudlike Får from Woolfolk Yarn. Because Får has a chainette construction that is both light and bouncy, I could knit it at a slightly tighter gauge to get the rich textured result that I wanted. And because Får is also 100% Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino yarn, the sweater is beyond soft to the touch while also supporting the farmers creating this unique fiber in Patagonia. I used the “Marine Blue” shade, but the palette includes dozens of other dreamy options.

For the more technical minded knitters out there, the body and sleeves are each knit in the round from the bottom up before being joined together at the base of the yoke to continue in the round.  The yoke features a compound raglan for a better fit.  The sweater is knit flat once the neck shaping begins.  The hem, cuffs, and neckband all feature professional (and optional) tubular edges.

Many thanks go to my husband for gracefully managing to capture this design indoors (a) during a pandemic; (b) on a day with a single-degree wind chill; (c) with ever-changing natural light; and (d) a slightly neurotic subject (*ahem*). 🙂

I hope this design is one that resonates with you and that can keep you stylish and warm during the remaining weeks of Winter! You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry, on LoveCrafts, or here at DCD. If you use the coupon code “POSTROAD” on either Ravelry or DCD, you’ll get 25% off through Friday, February 5th.

Happy knitting! Be well and stay warm,

xoxo Danielle

10 thoughts on “post road pullover”

  1. What a sharp looking sweater, Danielle. That is a very versatile piece. I immediately pictured it with varying sleeve lengths too. I think your husband did a fine job with the photos. Is he knit-worthy? Maybe he would like a Post Rd as payment. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Regina! And yes, this could work great with elbow length or short sleeves too (you’d just have to adjust the st counts and increases). Good point!! My husband is TOTALLY knit-worthy 🙂

  2. Congratulations on another beautiful and functional design, Danielle….!! It looks so soft and functional, one that you could cheerfully and easily LIVE IN, day after day…!! I love the texture as well!! Your never-ending flow of ideas is remarkable and such a joy to see…your creations are delights to both the eye and the spirit……xo, Mom

  3. This is a sweater you can wear and wear. It will always be stylish. A true classic. I love the raglan sleeve and detail down the sleeve as well. It would suit anyone in a smaller size that would look like what we used to call a ” Poor Boy”, or in a larger size, like a “Boy Friend” Style! Love it!
    XOX Leslie

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