three years old

Almost a month late, but perhaps better late than never?

Nina turned three years old in June and we are still marveling at the rapid passage of time. It seems like just yesterday that she was a newborn.


This picture, taken at her party, captures so much of who she is. She is strong willed and determined to display her independence. If her big brother can do it, so can she! Curious and quick, Nina always wants to participate. Yet she is still my baby in many ways, especially when it’s time to cuddle up with a favorite blanket and her snowy owl. Her heart is bursting with love for her family and I’m sure that’s why my own heart feels so full when I look at her.

Lockdown life, or at least a socially distant lifestyle, continues for us. We are thoroughly enjoying our summer at home together with bike rides, swimming, ball playing, and all of the simple outdoor activities that make the warm weather such fun. I hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy, too.

xoxo Danielle


3 thoughts on “three years old”

  1. It seems impossible, even for me, to believe it’s been 3 years since Nina arrived. She has grown so nicely, and it appears she has a bubbly personality. No doubt she gets that from her Mother, in more ways than one? Belated Happy Birthday to you Nina. Best wishes to all of you. 🤗🧡

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