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planting fields arboretum

This past week, Mom and I (and our smallest partner in crime, Miss Nina) had a chance to visit the Planting Fields Arboretum in Brookville, only a short ride from home. The weather was perfect as we wandered around the perennial beds and open lawns (and we only got “lost” a couple of times depending on who was holding the map….)

We especially enjoyed the Italian Garden, the wicker-laden Tea House, and the pink Play House, the last of which we were surprised to see was as well equipped with plumbing and a full-size fireplace as some real homes of the era. And while the grand Gilded Age Coe Hall, which sits within the grounds of the Arboretum, was closed, we still had a chance to walk around its exterior. Some of my favorite photos are below and I’d highly recommend it anytime you might be visiting the North Shore of Long Island!

Enjoy these last few weeks of Summer!
xoxo Danielle

(PS: Yes, that fuschia hibiscus flower was bigger than the biggest dinner plate!)

(PPS: And, yes, Miss Nina was more interested in the cool breezes soothing her to sleep than the pastoral landscapes…)

2 thoughts on “planting fields arboretum”

  1. It was a beautiful morning, spent in the very best of company…!! Love how you captured the “drops” of water from the fountain…so pretty…!!!

  2. What a lovely little walk you all had. And since Nina is a bit too young to really appreciate her surroundings quite yet, at least she was contented. 🙂 Glad you had such a lovely outing together.

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