nina corinne

It seems like just yesterday that I was posting on this blog to welcome our first child, Jackson.  But it was already 2.5 years ago.  And now I can’t believe that I’m posting again to welcome our second child, named after two great-grandmothers and one grandmother!

Meet Nina Corinne, born on 6/25/17:

As with Jackson, she is healthy and wonderful in every way, and our little family is over the moon with happiness and gratitude at her safe arrival.

It’s going to be a hectic and exciting Summer, but I wish you many sunny, warm, and wonderful moments with your families (and your knitting!)

Xoxo Danielle

12 thoughts on “nina corinne”

  1. We wish life’s greatest kindnesses and blessings to our beautiful little girl….XXOO Nana and Grandpa

  2. Our family is richer for having Nina in it. We look forward to watching her grow and thrive and wish you, Andrew and Jackson so much happiness and love.
    Nana and Papa 😍

  3. Congrats on your new gorgeous baby girl! All the best wishes to you all Adele and Howard Gewirtz >

  4. She’s absolutely adorable as well as precious. Best wishes to you and Andrew as you watch over and guide your two beautiful children over the years ahead.

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