then and now

Boy, has this been a hot summer! But we have been making the most of it, spending it outdoors by the paddling pool or near the beach. Every day has a new adventure in store when seen through the eyes of a toddler!

Thought I’d pop in to share a fun photo “then and now” of Jackson. I love doing these, so please forgive me haha 🙂

Jackson has one of those red, plastic “Cozy Coupe” cars that is big enough to ride in. I snapped a picture of him riding in it back when he was 12 months old (on Christmas Day, actually). He was bundled up in a jacket and his legs were covered by a blanket in the base of the car:


And today, I snapped a new picture of him, at 19 months old, as he was steering it himself in his bathing suit (with his feet through the floor of the car) and giving me his best “serious” face:


What a difference seven months makes! We are trying to enjoy each moment with our little guy as it arrives, because the moment also passes so quickly.

I hope that you’re all enjoying the weekend. I’m also working on a new knitting design, and hoping to make more headway in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

xoxo Danielle

6 thoughts on “then and now”

  1. Thanks for sharing pics. He is growing up fast as they do. Enjoy the rest of Summer stay cool , Happy knitting .

  2. He’s absolutely adorable!! Thank you so much for shring. During those first couple years, there are so many changes, it has the head spinning. Thank goodness it alll slows down a little, later on, so we can start catching up. LOL Happy Summer to you alll.

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