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the vagaries of gauge….

Hi all and happy Summer!

I hope that you had a lovely Spring and are looking forward to some warm sunshine and green grass for the next few months. Time is certainly flying here and we are loving the process of watching Jackson grow and change right before our eyes.

I’ve been meaning to share a quick post on the subject of gauge for a while and, well, today’s the day!

Backstory: I visited my mom a few months ago and, during our visit, we crocheted some potholders. I love having these in the kitchen because they’re sturdy, safe, and machine-washable. If you’re interested in making some, here’s the pattern that we used. I had located some great variegated colors of Lily Sugar ‘n Creamyarn, a 100% cotton yarn perfect for this project.

None of this sounds very exciting, does it? Well, hang on. I followed the pattern, and sized up one hook because I crochet tightly (probably because I’m not a very confident crocheter. Or because I just need to relax haha). Here’s my finished potholder:


Cute, right?

My mom used the same yarn, the same pattern, and the same number of stitches. She even used a smaller hook than me because she’s a VERY good crocheter, having decades of experience under her belt. Here’s her finished potholder:


Also cute!

But the eagle-eyed among you will see where I’m going with this. Here are our potholders, side by side, with mine on the left:


That’s right. These two beauties are completely different in size.

Crazy, right?! We had a very good laugh about the outcome and, luckily, the relative sizes of the two potholders wasn’t all that important.

Note to self: let this be a lesson to ALWAYS CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Even if you really really really really just want to get your project started!

Happy early weekend and happy early 4th of July!
xoxo Danielle

4 thoughts on “the vagaries of gauge….”

  1. OMG!! Thank you so much for the chuckle. I have been making that very same potholder for over 45 years now. I was shocked at the difference in size between your’s and your Mother’s, especially as you had gone UP to a larger hook size, and yet, your potholder is so much smaller. You really do crochet a VERY TIGHT stitch!!! I use a G hook, chain 30, and go from there, and they are generally always a perfect 6″ square. But you are very true about the “vagaries” of gauge, and why it is so important, especially if the garment is to be worn. 🙂

    Have a great Summer Danielle. 🙂

    1. Hahaha glad to provide some comedy, Sandie! Mom and I were howling with laughter as we made jokes about the finished projects. I don’t remember what size hook I used, but I clearly need to chill out haha 🙂 Have a wonderful Summer!

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