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apple pie time

Hi all! I hope that Summer treated you well!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Autumn, but early Autumn means apple pie time around here, so I got to work yesterday in the kitchen. You might recall that I first wrote about our family apple pie recipe here.


I call the above scene “yes, I’m making a mess. Bear with me.” (There was probably also a shih tzu lurking invisibly nearby).

My mom had sent me eight enormous “20-ouncer” apples for this year, and it turned out that I only needed three of them to make one Thanksgiving pie.


As you can see from the above, my crust-making skills still leave something to be desired, but I’m hoping that the taste won’t suffer as a result 🙂

I used three more of the apples to make two “drunches,” as we call them in my house. I baked off one drunch to enjoy now and one to put in the freezer for later.



A drunch may not be much to look at in the beauty department, but it sure is delicious. The good part about these is that you can still get that apple pie flavor/crust/effect, but in a smaller portion if you don’t need to feed a crowd. It’s just a single crust folded loosely up around half a pie’s worth of apples. I’m not sure where the word “drunch” comes from, but as you can see it’s really just like a free form galette. Does anyone else call these “drunches”?

Hope everyone has a great early Autumn weekend!
xoxo Danielle

4 thoughts on “apple pie time”

  1. MMMMM!! The pie AND the “drunches” look yummy. Never heard of “drunches” until your Mom mentioned them to me, but they sound like my kind of dessert. The “no fuss” kind. I plan to make some myself very soon. 🙂

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