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expanded zuni shawl

Hello all, and Happy 2015! Hope everyone is having a great year and surviving what seems like another never-ending winter. Our little man Jackson is growing like a weed and teaching us new things everyday. And what smiles he can give when he’s in the mood!

Just popping in with a quick note to say that my Zuni Shawl pattern has just been updated with an additional, larger size! I’ve gotten great feedback over the years from many knitters who said that they would appreciate having instructions for a larger size that’s easier to wrap around the shoulders. Their wish is my command!

The larger size is about 22″ wider and about 7″ deeper at the center back neck as well. And for those folks who have already purchased the pattern and have it saved digitally in their Ravelry library, the updated pattern is now available to download for free.

Please let me know of any issues you might have with obtaining the updated pattern. I’ll admit that “mommy brain” is making me a bit more error prone than usual these days… šŸ˜‰

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Danielle

2 thoughts on “expanded zuni shawl”

  1. With such a “wee one” to take care of, it’s a wonder you found the time to work on anything, let alone updating one of your patterns, but I am sure there are many that are most thankful that you did. šŸ™‚

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