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Intellectual Property for Indies

Good morning, all!

A quick post to share today: my podcast on intellectual property issues for independent designers/yarnies/crafters with Marie Segares of the Creative Yarn Entrepeneur is now live and available for listening!

It was a great pleasure in the past to be interviewed by Marie as part of her Underground Crafter blog series.  Marie has just begun this recent podcast venture, which is specifically geared toward the owners of indie yarn craft businesses who are looking to generate ideas for launching, managing, and evolving those businesses, and I was thrilled to collaborate with her on this most recent episode.

We spend the episode chatting about general intellectual property issues that might arise in the yarn business, from how to read (and negotiate) your design contract, to what copyright issues you should be aware of and how to generally adopt an intellectual property mindset to the benefit of your business!

I hope that you enjoy our chat and learn from it as well – the Creative Yarn Entrepeneur is a wonderful series chock full of education and it’s an essential new resource to have in our industry!

xoxo Danielle

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