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30 days project

Recently, Cheryl Erlandson of In The Loop, a local yarn shop in Massachusetts, contacted me to participate in the 30 Days Project. This is a great initiative to bring together 30 knitwear designers, one each day for the month of November, to showcase one pattern of their choice. Cheryl’s goal is a community venture with the objective of introducing designers to the wider knitting/crocheting/crafting world online. You can learn more about the 30 Days Project here.

Each day in November, In the Loop will blog about each design and designer. So today is my day to be featured! And my featured pattern choice? Syringa – a great gift knitting project that works for all recipients with all kinds of color palettes (and that can easily be completed before the holiday rush)!


But let me give you the best bit: the Syringa pattern is 50% OFF TODAY ONLY with the discount code 30dayproject! Just head on over to the Ravelry pattern page here or to the pattern page here to purchase the pattern and use the discount code.

Thanks much to Cheryl for including me and happy November knitting! 🙂

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