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hydrangea watch, 6.24.13

There’s no denying it, hydrangea season is upon us. I’ll share some rolling updates of the beauties in and around our property (and as I remember to get outside and take the pictures, that is, haha).

The pretty one in the driveway, and the furthest ahead in blooming, thanks to its particularly sunny position:


Although I don’t love pink hydrangeas (blue and white for me!), I love that this one bloom is slightly confused about what color is should be, so it just settled on being all the colors:


Not to be outdone and not far behind in the blooming wars, our wall of hydrangeas are picking up steam along the front of the house:


And my favoritest of all of the fattest blooms have parked themselves dead center on the largest hydrangea bush (which also happens to sit front and center on the house):


How about a closeup:


Stay tuned for more updates!

5 thoughts on “hydrangea watch, 6.24.13”

  1. The flowers are gorgeous, Danielle….and the front of the house…? How do you spell inviting, calming, just plain LOVELY…!!?? Dad and I bought a lovely hydrangea at the GF today, and I thought of you, since its name is CityLights (R) Paris….pinky-RED…woohoo…see you soon!

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