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pretty smart

We’re lucky to have a fragrant, blooming indoor garden this week because our Easter blossoms are still going strong. (We’re especially lucky because it looks like Spring indoors, but feels like Winter outdoors!)


Daffodils – I just love them. They’re cheery, bright, smell good….what’s not to like? ESPECIALLY when you have a daffodil that is exhibiting highly intelligent behavior. What do I mean?

Why, positive phototropism, of course!


How cool is that? Here’s another angle, just to show how far that pretty little bloom is willing to reach for its dose of sunshine:


Those daffodils. Always so smart.

PS: I hear the weather is supposed to improve drastically and soon. It had better….I’m already impatient for the lilacs.

3 thoughts on “pretty smart”

    1. As always, Sandie, you are the voice of reason and patience! Hopefully, the warm weather will encourage the lilacs to keep moving along. 😉 Glad to hear it was nice in PA today, too – let’s hope for an equally beautiful weekend!

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