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sugar rush


Our annual holiday party was last weekend, and man, did we have a good time. (Above, a bit of stocking action, and a bit of photo filter magic courtesy of the new Flickr App for iPhone. Love the new app!)

Anyways, back to the party. Of course there were meatballs.


Of course there were other things to help soak up all those meatballs, like spinach, bread, and cheeses. (There was also a delicious pile of latkes that I didn’t manage to photograph, but were gobbled up speedily.)


Of course there were libations.


And of course there were seasonal decorations in the form of elegant candlelight, a fully-lit menorah, and my annual “can-you-see-this-from-space” Christmas tree.




But what there REALLY was….was sugar. Sugar in every form, thanks to the generosity of our guests, each of whom came bearing yummy treats: cookies, candy, truffles, muffins, cupcakes….



….and even a cheesecake with maple syrup inside of it and on it! We get our yearly supply of maple syrup from an organization in Northern New York and the taste can’t be beat. (This was also the first time I’d tried making a cheesecake, and I have to say that I don’t know what I was waiting for. They are so easy and so delicious.)


This party, which we look forward to so eagerly every year, was wonderful and we were so happy to have the time to kick back for an afternoon, let loose, and ride a sugar high. And of course, the mistress of ceremonies was happy to just take it all in, safe in the arms of her Uncle Joe.


It’s kind of hard to believe that Xmas is less than a week away – it honestly seems as though time flies even faster nowadays. Hope you’re able to take time to celebrate and relax and enjoy the season as it goes zooming by!

PS: Coco says “did somebody say cheesecake?”

1 thought on “sugar rush”

  1. Wow, that a sumptuous feast, you enjoyed. How wonderful that you have this “tradition” building already, in y our young lives. It sounds like an amazing time for everyone in attendance. And I’m certain it was. Even for Cocoa. πŸ™‚

    A very Merry Xmas to you, Andrew and Cocoa. And may all your wishes come true. πŸ™‚

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