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In the past two weeks, we’ve all seen and heard about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused, especially in the tri-state area. Whether it’s flood damage, wind damage, loss of power, or even loss of homes, it’s almost impossible to imagine the scale of destruction. And with winter coming, it’s even more difficult to deal with the damage while trying to stay warm.

So what can we knitters/crocheters/crafters do to help? How about knitting or crocheting up a simple square that will be used to make blankets and handed out to local folks who need them in the coming weeks?

And that’s where Squares for Comfort come in. Started by my Long Island friends Jan and Terry, the initiative originally began as the Squares for Comfort Group on Ravelry as a way to bring together knitters and crocheters who wanted to “do their bit.” The group has grown quickly and I’m happy to spread the word far and wide in the hopes of reaching as many willing crafters as possible.

Here are all the details you’ll need if you’d like to work up a square or two or more to donate:

(1) Knit OR crochet a 12″ x 12″ square out of any machine-washable, worsted weight yarn. Please put a border around the square to enable it to be seamed easily within the blanket. For knitters, you can use a garter stitch border. For crocheters, you can crochet a single-crochet border around the square. Any design, color, or pattern works – it’s up to you!

(2) Mail the square(s) to the following address:

Squares for Comfort
P.O. Box 909
Melville, NY 11747

(3) That’s it! If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, Jan is happy to help and you can reach her via email at:

For my part, I’ll be doing crochet squares because of how quickly they come together. What you see above is Fiberphile’s Super Squish Worsted yarn, which is just as cozy and yummy as it sounds, and a Size H hook. (As a side note and general life lesson, if your mom volunteers to teach you how to crochet, then say “yes.” Crochet is easy, seriously speedy, and fun!)

A big thanks to Jan and Terry for putting this initiative together! And on behalf of Jan and Terry, thank you to all the crafters who have shown their generosity of time and spirit by their contributions!

5 thoughts on “squares for comfort”

  1. Will do, dear…thank you for championing this effort, as well…those of us fortunate enough NOT to have been in Sandy’s path are still stunned by the breadth of destruction that your neighbors are dealing with…THANK YOU for spreading the word…XO Mom

  2. Thank you so much Danielle for helping us get the word out!! You are just an absolute sweetheart, and Terry and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! 🙂 Hugs!!

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