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it’s the little things….

….that can make me happy. And sometimes, it’s the Really Big Things, too! Behold:


That’s right, folks. A $100 credit to one of my all-time favorite online yarn stores, Eat.Sleep.Knit! Oh, there was a bit of shrieking, let me tell you. Coco was probably hoping that I had won free ribeye steaks for life.

They have a great lotto program, where they include a scratch-off lottery card with every order that you place. (My order, incidentally, was for some great Madelinetosh Sock yarn to make a cool Fair Isle project – sneak peek coming soon…) The prizes vary between store credits, yarn kits, and even free skeins of yarn. Well, this time it was my turn to strike it rich with the big prize! (And yes, let’s not reflect on how many packages and lottery cards I have received from them in the past. Let’s just focus on the now, shall we? Hahaha!)

Now, I’m off to ponder how much damage I can do with this lovely credit….

6 thoughts on “it’s the little things….”

  1. WOW…shall we just start calling you “Lucky Louie”…?!?!?!? That is so fun…enjoy your “shopping trip”…haha!!

  2. If you can’t figure out what to get, I’m open to getting more yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit. Never mind, I doubt you’ll have any trouble cashing that one in. Congrats!

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