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Shipshape Shawl and Shawlette

Ahoy, landlubbers! Shipshape has set sail!


Haha, ok that’s the extent of my pirate/sailor/seaperson language for this post, but I am so excited to share this latest design with you!

Shipshape is a shawl and shawlette pattern knit with sportweight yarn on US6 circular needles. As you might suspect, I went with my favorite go-to yarn, Madelinetosh Pashmina, for this design because the yarn imparts the most wonderful drape to any project while also giving it snuggly warmth and an explosion of vibrant color. In fact, I loved the color choices so much, I knit up two samples to show off each of the sizes in the pattern!

First up is the larger shawl size, knit in the classically nautical combination of cream (here, 2 skeins of the colorway “Bare”) and royal, seaworthy blue (here, 1 skein of the aptly named “Fathom”). We had a blast doing the photoshoot for this sample, as we knew just the right spot at Atlantic Beach on a perfectly blazing sunny Sunday to get the right background. Check it out:


(PS: note the sign above. then note all the pictures preceding it. oops. Scofflaws!!)

As you can see, the larger shawl size is generously proportioned to wrap around your neck multiple times for the maximum in warmth and coverage. And for some closeup detail shots:


Because the body of the shawl (and the shawlette) are worked in garter stitch, both sides of the fabric are nubbly, stripey, and equally attractive. I really love accessories that look good no matter which side is “facing your public.” And to lend the shawl and shawlette a truly professional finish, the edges are worked with an attached i-cord edging detail that is further mitered at the corners to make the shape POP!

If the larger shawl is a bit too big for your tastes, or if you’re looking for the ultimate portable, vacation-knitting project, then the smaller shawlette will suit you perfectly! Worked in a vibrant combination (shown here in 1 skein each of grey “Tern” and punchy pink “Neon Rose”), the shawlette is also knit in one piece just like the shawl, but with scaled down dimensions that give you just the right amount of neck coverage.


So whether you’re hankering for a large accessory to wrap yourself in come fall, or just a quick project to keep or to gift, an angular, modern Shipshape fits the bill! I hope you love knitting it as much as I did!

To learn more about Shipshape, including finished dimensions and yardage requirements, or to purchase the pattern (which includes both sizes), click here! You can also visit the Shipshape page on Ravelry!

This was one of those designs that just came tumbling into my head and I had to get down on paper before it zoomed right back out again! As such, I owe a debt of thanks to my awesome testers Jan and Carrie for helping me get things right and sharing their keen editing skills. Naturally, I have my husband to thank for the fantastic photos. And of course, I always have to thank Coco for listening to me approximately 50% of the time when I say “don’t stand there while I’m trying to take these photos!” She is our mascot, after all.

Happy summer knitting, all!
xoxo Danielle

4 thoughts on “Shipshape Shawl and Shawlette”

  1. Oh yes, those shots with the Atlantic behind you, are perfect for that shawl. Great shots, and I love it tied in front, and looking like a sailor color. Congratulations on another great design. 🙂

  2. This design is outstanding, and your photos do it wonderful justice…!! I was concerned about how the square neckline would drape, but it looks soft and not in the least “angular”…GREAT JOB…!!!!

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