my first giveaway!

Well, I’ve been blogging for a while, but I’ve never had a giveaway contest, so I think it’s about time, don’t you? And this is a reeeeeeally good giveaway 😉



This giveaway has a great backstory. In the Spring 2012 issue of Interweave Knits, there was a short feature about an Etsy shop Stitchcuddles, in Leeds, UK selling the most adorable handmade stitchmarkers with a tea/coffee/pastry theme. The shop is run by Steph, a university student who is so fabulous to work with. (At the moment, the store is on vacation but you can see what her offerings are by checking out some of her recent sales).

Anyway, I ordered a few sets of stitchmarkers because (1) they were so stinkin’ cute; and (2) when do I NOT have a cup of coffee or tea or a piece of pastry in my hand? (Wait, don’t answer that.) Steph responded immediately and got my order out in the Royal Mail lickety-split.

And then……nothing. The markers weren’t delivered by the USPS after two weeks, or after three weeks, or even after four weeks. Steph very graciously agreed to send out my order again because it seemed that my original order had vanished into thin air.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next: BOTH orders arrived on the SAME day! So one order was delivered after 1 week, and another delivered after 5 weeks. (And the USPS wonders why they’re having trouble staying afloat….sheesh). When I contacted Steph to tell her all about this snafu, she came up with the best solution ever, especially since it was such a generous gesture on her part: make one of the orders a giveaway to my awesome blog readers!

So let’s take a closer look at what you can win, shall we?





In the first set, there are 10 markers, including 2 cute earthenware-style blue and white mugs, and 8 pastries to go along with. The pastries include a cookie, a cream doughnut, a hot cross bun, a vanilla slice, a scone, an iced bun, a french fancy, and an chocolate eclair. I know – is your mouth watering yet?



In the second set, there are 4 markers, each of which is a sweet little coffee mug and saucer with a different decorated coffee drink inside it, like a mocha, a caramel macchiato….ok, I’m feeling the caffeine buzz already….

For each marker, it will fit up to a 6.5mm (US10.5) knitting needle, just so you know.

And finally, to sweeten the pot even a bit more, how about 3 “cuddle me” markers graciously included by Steph? Look closely – two of those are split markers that can be opened and moved around your work!


So that’s it – a veritable bounty of stitch markers to keep your blood sugar up whenever you pick up your knitting!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post before 12 MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME on Tuesday, April 10th. Once we’ve got all the comments, we’ll choose a winner at random.

Hope you love these little gems as much as I do, and be sure to check out Steph’s other offerings in her Etsy shop when she returns from vacation, because supporting independent artists is even sweeter than this giveaway! 🙂

21 thoughts on “my first giveaway!”

  1. They are adorable, but I will stay away on the 10th. Just my personal taste, but I only like the soft markers with nothing dangling. I’m a major clutz, and I get everything tangled in them, so I’ve learned to just use the plain-jane markers. 🙂 Someone will be very lucky to receive them though, and I hope whoever it is, gives them a good home. 🙂

  2. well, these are totally cute! And since today has been an exceedingly lucky day for me (hubby and son both got accepted to nursing school today!; got a lot more back on our taxes than we ever thought we would!; I didn’t win the lottery AGAIN…ok, that’s not so lucky but it fulfills a need for consistency in my life), I figured it just has to continue, so here is my soon-to-be-lucky post!

  3. I Love SrephCuddles and I Love StichCuddles. Steph really is extremely generous and sweet. When I won a contest on her blog one of the prizes was a set of markers. and I chose beer tankards. She sent a second set of fruits and veggies as an extra surprise. About a week later she came out with ecairs and mugs, and sent me a set of those as well.

    When I’m knitting lots of st st in the round (which I just did), I randomly place stitch markers that I like… they don’t signify anything in the pattern, they just make me smile when I get to them – and think about Steph.

    Thanks to both of you for this wonderful giveaway.

  4. That was very generous of Steph. And lucky us! I really like all the mug Delft blue in particular. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Love these cute little stitch markers. So much nicer then the plastic little rings or clips that break all the time. Need some new ones. My friend owns a bake shop. She knits as well. She would get a kick out of them. If I win I will share them with her.

  6. Sounds like the same kind of postal fiasco we get from Royal Mail! Adorable stitch markers, I’ve admired the StitchCuddles markers for a while now. I need to get some when Steph reopens her store!

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