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it’s that time again.

Folks, it’s March, and around here, we all know what that means (other than, yes, my husband’s birthday): it means at least one batch of butterscotch soda bread. One of my all-time favorite treats.

No, it’s not good for you.
No, it’s not traditional.

Which is precisely why I make it: because sometimes life is best celebrated by the things that do nothing other than make you happy. Also, it’s chock full of butterscotch, so what’s not to like??

Check out last year’s post for the recipe. And if that doesn’t get your mouth watering, check out a few photos from this year’s first batch:





Now, go forth and bake.

PS: Yes, one recipe makes two big loaves. No, that’s not enough for the two of us in this apartment.
PPS: This is wickedly delicious with fresh, hot coffee for breakfast. Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “it’s that time again.”

  1. YES, it is that time of year…!! I baked 2 loaves of mine on Monday and added golden raisins and the grated zest of one orange…a nice “twist”…! We are enjoying snacking on it, as well as enjoying a little “snitch” of it with a scoop of ice cream for dessert…oh, the variations are endless!!! Happy Spring to you all!! XO

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