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Another new post, another new design! (Hey, I’m trying to ride this wave as long as possible ha!)


Introducing my Integral Mitts, the perfect match to my recently released Integral Shawlette and Shawl, and the ultimate quick, one-skein, unisex project that comes in three sizes to fit every man, woman, and teen in your midst!

What can I say about these mitts? They were a total blast to design, knit, and photograph. As I mentioned in a previous post, the stitch pattern for my Integral Shawl was still bouncing around in my mind, so the only way I knew to get that monkey off of my back was to use it again in another way, and so the idea for the matching mitts was born!


It barely took more than a few hours to knit the pair that you see here, and believe me, I have a solid reputation as a slow-ish knitter 🙂 Created from the same amazing yarn as my Integral Shawl (Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky in the deeply lush “Moorland” colorway), these seamless mitts work up like lightning on Size US 9 double-pointed needles. The mitts are knit from the bottom cuff upward, and the thumb gusset is created while you’re knitting the arm. When the gusset is complete, the thumb stitches are held on waste yarn while you complete the hand. The thumb is then finished and voila! Weave in a few ends and you’re ready for whatever winter winds blow your way. The mitts are identical, so I think it’s fair to say that the second mitt knits up even faster than the first. Using a 100% merino yarn like the Tosh Chunky also gives great stitch definition, lots of warmth, and the bonus of longlasting wear to the mitts.


As you can see from the pics above, the stitch patterning continues around the arm (which I made nice and long on purpose to give a sleeker line and a lot more warmth), the top of the hand, and the palm, and then it curves around the thumb gusset, which is worked in cushy alternating rounds of stockinette and reverse stockinette. These mitts would make a great project for mastering knitting in the round with double pointed needles, especially if you’ve already made a hat in the round, but you’re not feeling quite ready for sock knitting and heel gussets and the like.

The mitts come in three sizes to fit (1) a big kid, a teen or a small adult hand; (2) a medium-sized adult hand (which is shown here); and (3) a large adult hand, probably best suited for a man’s hand. All of the sizes have been tested by myself and my wonderful test knitters from last time, Jan and Melissa. Even better, ALL three sizes take only one skein of the Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky yarn! (And if you wanted to substitute another yarn from your stash, just grab the right amount of yardage of an aran-weight yarn that is all wool or mostly wool). So if you’re short on time and in need of a quick gift or a fantastic weekend project to complete before the weather warms up for good (or, if you’re like me, and your hands are just always cold), then the Integral Mitts are right up your alley!

And best of all, in my mind, the mitts help to complete the perfect accessory set with one of the Integral Shawlettes or Shawls (the larger shawl being pictured here). 🙂

Andrew and I took these photos last Sunday, when the wind was howling outside, but the gray wintry light streaming through our kitchen window made for the perfect indoor setting in front of our bookcase. I love how all of these pictures came out; the wild variety of shapes, colors, and fonts in the background lend a great vibrancy to the photos. It’s a bit of a departure from our usual neutral background, but I think it really worked here.

(And believe me, we know how windy it was outside because we had just come in from photographing another design that I can’t reveal quite yet. I NEEDED to put these mitts on!)

As always, you can see all of the details and purchase the Integral Mitts pattern either here at Makewise Designs or over at Ravelry, and of course, I always welcome your feedback and comments about this or any of my other designs.

I think it’s safe to say that this stitch pattern has finally worked its way out of my system, and I’m excited to show you some other/new textures that have been batting around in my mind and on my needles in the coming weeks! Even though winter never really arrived in NYC and Spring is rapidly approaching, I’m still consumed with knitting warm woolens. Maybe it’s a form of insurance, in case Spring never really arrives either?

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the Integral journey as much as I have!

PS: Coco and I are living the bachelorette lifestyle this weekend and that can only mean one thing: Downton Abbey marathon, baby!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “integral mitts”

  1. The mitts are beautiful…and functional…and warm…and perfect…!!!! Dad and I are caught up on ALL episodes of Downton Abbey…2-hour season finale is Sunday…I will hate to see the series go on hiatus…

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