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a few more of my favorite things….

A new favorite perch, just for the holidays…

New perch

…my newest Christmas ornament, a felt tree embroidered to keep my gingerbread lady company (and yes, I embroider. rarely, but it’s been known to happen. It’s easy to forget how quickly a project can go when you’re not knitting an entire sweater)…


…getting some Grade-A help in the wrapping department (she’s pretty sure this one is for her)…


…baking gingerbread scones that taste much better than they look (thank you, King Arthur Flour)…


…baking another platter of gingerbread cookies, just for me (and Andrew, if he’s nice to me)…


…baking another one of Nigella’s flourless cakes, this time a spiced chocolate cake…


…baking some cranberry muffins for breakfast (and yes, I’m starting to realize just how many baked goods are appearing in a house of only 2 people)…


…best college friends, circa the year 2000 (dressed circa 1970’s for a party)…

friends in 2000

…and best college friends, 10+ years later, circa last Saturday night…


which just might be my favorite thing of all.

2 thoughts on “a few more of my favorite things….”

  1. Following in your Mother’s footsteps, I see. I envy you the energy it takes to do all that baking. Never done much in that area myself. LOL

    I started collecting hand-made Xmas ornaments when my children were very young, and by the time they were about 10 years old, or so, I had enough of them to decorate our entire 6′ Xmas tree. Of course, I was always finding or creating more of them myself, as the years went on, but it made for such a lovely tree. You ware well on the way to having such a tree yourself. And the memories that come with every hand-made ornament will go into the future with you.

    Love the photo of you and your friends too. Not a lot of changes since then. You all still look fab! 🙂

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