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Tweed and Seed Pillows

The Winter 2011 issue of Interweave Knits arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I always enjoy seeing what’s in the latest issue of IK, but never more so than in this issue. Why?


My pillows are in it! (*Insert potentially childish squeal here.*) (All photos courtesy of Interweave Knits.)  This was the first of my Ye Olde Secret Knitting projects this summer, created in the high heat of July. Designed as a pair for a “bespoke” collection of knit patterns that focused on traditional tailoring details and fabrics, like herringbone and tweed, the pillows were my first-ever design for IK.

There’s the Tweed Pillow, knit with three rich tones of Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica, and closed with leather-covered buttons from Italy (thank you very much, Tender Buttons!):


and the Seed Pillow, knit with one deep teal color of Wool Clasica that has an amazing thick/thin seed stitch texture and is closed with the same buttons:


It was a thrill (and a great learning experience) to knit these designs for IK, from receiving the yarn and experimenting with the colors they provided, to choosing the buttons and double checking the seams and finding the pillow forms and on and on. I had set a goal for myself that 2011 was the year that I would extend myself beyond self-publication and I’m so happy to have reached it. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about the design process (including when to admit to yourself that something isn’t working and to give up on the idea) and even more about the world of pattern writing and sample making. In the spring, I had the best experience working with Knit Picks to publish the Corinne Blanket, and a few months later, it was equally wonderful to collaborate with IK on these pillows. Everyone that I worked with at IK was so helpful and encouraging, so I’m just feeling proud and lucky to be included in this issue. And energized to look toward the future, too, to what designs and ideas and collaborations may be yet to come….

I think that the issue hits newsstands on November 29th, but I’ll be curling up with my designer’s copy before then. (Would it be weird to frame my pages? What if I just laminate them? Still weird?)

So I think my weekend is off to a great start. Here’s hoping yours is the same!

6 thoughts on “Tweed and Seed Pillows”

  1. Congratulations Danielle, that is quite an accomplishment. You have every right to be proud, and I think you should frame that edition of IK or at least the pages that show and tell of your pattern and pillow photos. I think it’s a really BIG DEAL, and deserves to be treated as such. Best wishes to you in your future design work.


  2. I agree with Sandi – Many Congratulations, and of course you should frame those pages, or the entire issue ! You are an innovative designer and obviously you have a passion for the art of fiber ! Good job !

    Squeals of delight are required, methinks…

  3. Published!!! Awesome. Beautiful designs from a beautiful girl, inside and out! Can’t wait to buy my first issue of Interweave Knits…and YES, laminate and frame, pop your buttons and savor the experience, and some day, I too hope to follow you down this path! One can only hope. good on you!

  4. Congratulations Danielle! This is so cool! (I’m late to the party, I know. I think it has to do with the time difference in Chicago.)

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