in the interim

Things might be a bit quiet over the next few weeks here at MWD, as i have a bunch of Ye Olde Secret Knitting to get done before a coming deadline. So I thought I’d stop in to say “hello, hope you’re having a good November and hope you have fun getting ready for Thanksgiving,” and also to share a cool knitwear website that I saw recently, thanks to the Fall/Winter issue of the Debbie Bliss Magazine.

Ruth Cross is the company run by Ruth Bridgeman, a knitwear designer in the UK who creates garments, accessories and even awesome furniture pieces that emphasize both the rich history of hand knitting and its modern, minimal aspects as well. To many, Ruth is famous for designing those cabled mittens that “Bella,” the female heroine from the Twilight series, wore in the first movie. Not being a Twilight fan, I hadn’t seen the mittens, but when I read about Ruth and her company in the Debbie Bliss magazine, I was intrigued and I checked out her website. All of her pieces are knit by hand in the UK by British knitters using lambswool from Scotland, so her company has a very “local” ethos to it.

You can peruse all of her wearable pieces, both made-to-order and ready-made, that are for sale here or see all of her design projects , but I thought I’d show a few of my favorite items.

Love the oversized-ness of this weave scarf and also its simple, but pronounced, texture.
A bespoke cabled blanket - yes, please! And can I also have the fireplace?
All kinds of cabled goodness in a traditional cardigan. Especially love that collar and the almost obi-style belt.

Have a great weekend, all – hope you’re having as much sun and crisp weather as we are!

PS: I had a jonesing last night. I have SO MANY projects to finish, write down, make progress on, and yet….I had these 4 skeins of “Nanook” by Anny Blatt, a chunky wool-blend yarn in a winter white shade with the slightest bit of eylash texture that, get this: doesn’t shed hardly at all. I know – it’s a miracle. So I started a huge cartridge-ribbed cowl on size US11 needles.

Just had to cast on

I’m already on the 3rd skein. And yes, that bag is also new. I mean, it’s a streetmap of Paris on fabric. What was I going to do, say no?

PPS: I still have 5 Northern Spy apples left in the fridge from the shipment my mom sent me. Maybe another apple pie tomorrow? You know, just for practice…

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