We’re back from our lovely trip to Barcelona, and as I work to upload hundreds of pictures and prepare some bloggable recaps, here’s an amuse bouche.

We met up with some family and friends last night at Wildwood BBQ in New York. There were some very large appetites in this group of 8, so it was agreed that the “Ultimate Pitmaster Pigout” platter was the way to go for five of us. Behold, the gluttonous platter prior to chow down:

The before

(yes, that’s my sister leading the charge and you can’t even see the sides of chili-cheese tater tots, french fries, coleslaw, and mac n’ cheese…..)

And the aftermath…

The after

(complete with celebratory fistpump)

It was an epic evening by all accounts. Long live BBQ!

2 thoughts on “carnivores”

  1. Quite a difference in the amount of food this time, compared to the light fare in the previous post. LOL It sure looks yummy though.

    I’m happy to see you safely returned to your Coco “Beans” and that you had a joyfully good time in Spain. 🙂

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