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Belle Epoque Scarf and Wrap

Bonjour, ma belle!


Meet Belle Epoque, my new summery scarf and wrap design.

Belle Epoque was inspired by a gorgeous skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk that I had in my stash. I had one of the unusual 150g skeins (instead of the normal 100g skeins), so I knew that I had enough yardage to make a bigger, dramatic piece. From previous experience with the Sea Silk, I also knew that the design needed to be something lacy and luxurious to bring out the best qualities of the Sea Silk – its smoothness, drape and sheen.


This is the perfect project for your summer knitting, when you know it’s too hot to deal with something wooly, but it’s not hot enough to keep you from knitting altogether! Sea Silk is a blend of silk and viscose derived from seaweed, so the knitting is cool and smooth on your hands. And the finished piece is just warm enough to keep the chill from your shoulders in an over-air-conditioned restaurant, or to wear during those late summer evenings when the first taste of fall is in the air. I’d wear this just as you see it here – loosely around the shoulders and with a pair of jeans, to give the outfit an extra boost of silky style.


I’m a huge fan of multi-use patterns, so I made Belle Epoque your go-to summer knitting pattern by including three sizes. If you want to knit a traditional scarf, there’s a size for that and it only takes one skein of the precious Sea Silk (and I even had that size tested by Jane, an incredibly gracious Raveler from Texas who made her scarf in the luscious Wine colorway). If you’re feeling more ambitious, or have some roadtrip travel time on your hands, then cast on for either the Smaller Wrap (shown in these photos) or the Larger Wrap, both of which are worked horizontally.

To purchase the pattern, or to learn more, click here. You can purchase the pattern through that page or through Ravelry. Mega thanks go out to (1) my tester Jane, who had great feedback and speedy knitting skills; (2) my gorgeous sister/model, who always has the right outfit and poses for every shoot; and (3) my talented brother-in-law, who continues to amaze me with his photography skills. Thanks all!

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