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may already??

Well, folks, it’s a new month and it’s a bit thin on photograph-able knitting content around here. I’ve been working on a couple submissions that I can’t photograph, I’ve been finalizing the Augusta Shawl pattern for release by the end of this week (yay for pattern testers – there were definitely some kinks in the rough draft that I first wrote up), and I’m still working on the white Ripple jacket (which doesn’t look any different from the last picture I showed you, so I’ll spare you).

So instead, I’ll aim to dazzle you with random photographs that I have picked up in the past week. It has been a good week in non-knitting content, at least! First up, some great springtime photos that I caught while I was out rollerblading in the neighborhood (I know – rollerblading, so 1990’s! Love it! And yes, I was not moving at the same time I took these photos, I’m not that good). Everything is literally in bloom, so it makes for a great ride especially when it stops raining!

now THAT'S a dogwood this time haha!

look closely on the right side of the picture - a lilac bush about to bloom!

these flowering trees are all over the Duke University campus - reminds me of college days (except those ones bloomed in early March...)

this allee of trees just gets better as the summer approaches

That’s enough nature for the moment. I’ve been cooking/baking up a storm lately as well, although I only have a couple of pictures to show for it – some items, like the roasted tomato/caper/olive sauce, the soy-garlic broiled tilapia, and the brownie pudding, either didn’t get their beauty shot or they got eaten too quickly to photograph. A couple other items, like this shrimp and lemon pasta sauce that I made on the stovetop:

and these rhubarb muffins (courtesy of my favorite lady, Nigella Lawson):

at least got photographed! It was a good week, food-wise 🙂
I’ll catch you all next time when hopefully I’ll have a pattern release to write about!

PS: The Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met? Amazing! The installations supporting the clothes are as imaginative, unique, romantic, dark and eerie as the clothing itself. If you’re in the NYC area before July 31, be sure to check it out!

3 thoughts on “may already??”

  1. Yummity, yum, YUM!! You are leaps and bounds ahead of us in your flowering loveliness, but with today’s sunshine, we remain hopeful that Spring will SPRING here in Upstate…! Word on the street is that the lilacs WILL be ready…at least by mid-festival time!

  2. Just spoke with my mother (90 years young this past March), and she informs me her rhubarb has poked through the soil and is promising to be beautiful this year because she remembered to fertilize (unlike last year). Of course I’m looking forward to the 1st rhubarb pie of the season (as I recall…one of your dad’s favorites). Any chance you’d share that rhubarb muffin recipe? They look positively yummy!

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