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shawl shoot

The weather this weekend cooperated just long enough to get some great shots of the Augusta shawl in action, as modeled by my sister and photo’ed by her husband. The three of us work well as a team – we shoot lots of different poses, laugh way too much along the way, look at the proofs quickly enough to make sure we’ve got what we need, and then we go out to eat – it’s a seriously streamlined creative process, but it works for us!
The great fun of shooting this design is that there are so many poses to choose from and so many details to show off – the color, the shape, the drape, and the ways to wear it. Below are just a few of my favorite photos from the shoot, including a few good bloopers, too! The pattern is in the process of being tested and should be ready for release in a couple of weeks – until then, enjoy!

the shawl evenly covers both shoulders and the drape of the fabric allows it to softly ripple at the edge

the shawl features a simple lace edging and columns of increases that resemble raglan seams to help the shawl stay on the shoulders

the rippling of the edge and the unique shape is achieved in part by the additional increases at the edges of the shawl

an up-close view of the shoulder increases, the lace edging, and the beautiful colorway

the back of the shawl features a traditional triangular shape with a central spine of increases flanked by the raglan increases

the shawl can be styled so many ways - this is a more contemporary way of wearing it wrapped softly around the neck while still showing off the lacy drape

the model lost focus for a minute - perhaps due to my behind-the-camera directions...

a gorgeous shot i included here just because....

i'm expressing my undying gratitude to my model for her skill and good humor! thanks, Gab!!

3 thoughts on “shawl shoot”

  1. Ah, dear…that’s MY GIRLS…!!!!!! Love you both dearly, and I am so pleased that you are so good to each other…smile!! The shawl is AMAZING, sophisticated, and versatile…truly a work of art! Enjoy every minute that you wear it!!! XO

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