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Sock it to me!

What a perfect day yesterday for some knitting! I went to the Master Class at Lion Brand’s Yarn Studio in Chelsea taught by Melissa Morgan-Oakes – knitting socks toe up 2 at a time! I knew it was going to be a good day when this was the weather that greeted me outside the subway:

The Lion Brand Studio was a beautiful space – open and loft-like with its high ceilings, industrial light fixtures and exposed brick. The displays were so colorful and organized – both things highly appealing to this Type-A gal. And the “Sampling Wall,” where you could cut off a length of a featured yarn and swatch with it while you’re browsing the studio? Brilliant! Here are just a few snaps that my trusty iPhone 4 took while I was browsing:

The knit spaceman in the front window - LB Yarn Studio is known for their creative window displays

The yarn was sleekly displayed by yarn base and by color - great lighting too!

The Sampling Wall - take a length of yarn and swatch it to test it out before you buy!

I especially liked the lighting and overall space/flow of the store - inspiring!

Naturally, I couldn’t see all of this great yarn and not be tempted! I especially loved the colors of the Cotton Bamboo yarn, so I grabbed up 6 skeins in 6 colors to swatch for a crochet baby blanket design for a cousin – I’m thinking this will be a gorgeous spring/summer palette! Spurred on by the recent posts of the Yarn Harlot, I also got a skein of their wool and stainless steel – that’s right, steel! – to play with and see if I can come up with some simple jewelry.

Note my trusty mascot surveying the scene with a "those are for me, right?" look.

So you’re probably wondering – where’s all the knitting? Don’t worry – there was plenty. In the morning, we tackled the cast on, toe, and gusset shaping of two socks simultaneously using only one needle. At first, I wasn’t pulling my working yarn tight enough when switching from one side of the socks to the other, so my toes have a bit of “laddering” in them.

Different colors were used to help us distinguish between Socks A and B.

By the time the afternoon session rolled around, we were ready for the heels (short rows! no picking up stitches along the heel flap! hallelujah!) and the leg stitches. At this point, I was sailing along as the technique really made sense to me.

Traditional reinforced heels

I attribute this in large part to Melissa – she was a great teacher. Focused, but engaged with all of the students, full of great stories and tips, and she kept us moving at the perfect pace to accomplish all of the tricks in the technique. I had missed out on her classes at Vogue Knitting Live, so I’m glad I got to be her student this time around! All in all, a super Sunday. Hope yours was as wonderful!

2 thoughts on “Sock it to me!”

  1. Obviously the class suited you, and from the look of things, you did very well too. I tried working both socks at the same time, but I kept getting the yarn tangled, and it drove me nuts, so I went back to one sock at a time. For me, it works better that way, and I have not yet succumbed to second sock syndrome, so I guess I’ll stick with it. I’m glad it’s working so well for you though.


  2. WHAT FUN…! Sometime when I am in NYC, you can take me to the studio and we can “swoon” together…smile! I am so glad that you had a great time!!

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