everything’s coming up…tulips?

Everywhere I turn in NYC this week, there’s tulips in sight! I’ve never thought of NYC as a tulip-viewing city, but clearly I need to open my eyes wider. With the weather finally warming up for good (and also perhaps due to the copious rain we’ve been getting), all of the city’s trees, flowers, and shrubs are in bloom. They only provide further concrete evidence for my belief that late April and early May is the best time of year in NYC. Noticeably longer days, warm sunny weather without humidity usually, and relatively quiet sidewalks before the summer tourism season starts. Below are just a few snapshots from my trusty cellphone during my morning commute – enjoy!

some beautiful artificial flowers to brighten the view on Park Avenue

not tulips, obviously, but still eye-catching!

PS: We’re still recovering from a chocolate overload on Easter. The day was wonderful and we even managed to squeeze in an Easter egg hunt before the rains came. Success!